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Why Self-Love is Basic

A strong foundation in Self-Love is basic to spiritual growth and healing your life.

Welcome to my website. Not only is this site meant to connect with those beginning their spiritual path or those who wish to dive into realms of healing and transformation, but it is a place for me to express my thoughts and experiences of my own inner journey. We are in this together.

I find myself evolving in understanding more every day. Nothing is the same as yesterday. As I work with my clients, I grow right along with them. We teach each other and evolve together.

My work is, ultimately, about healing. My healing and yours. In a wider viewpoint, though, nothing really needs to be healed, because, beyond the distortions of our reality, there is perfection. That is always in mind, however, at a closer, more detailed view of human life, there seems to be a need for balance and understanding of the polarities of our minds through this dimension.

In the West, there is a need to dig deeper. Because the west is spiritually young (I include myself), my life has called me to help us to grow to more maturity.

The Book, Love Yourself Lightly

There are steps to follow when on the path to higher consciousness; more maturity. Self-Love is of basic importance. It is the very foundation of higher understanding. It is the beginning of the transformation process.

Love Yourself Lightly was written through me, for the purpose of teaching me this basic truth, so that I could share it with others.

During a period of intense spiritual searching, this book was brought to my attention, as I needed most at that time in my evolution. I was told by a higher intelligence, called Volcaria in the book, that I had much to learn and that I must build a strong foundation through experiential learning.

During the writing process, which was my first, I asked Spirit many questions and had many doubts. I wondered if it was too basic or juvenile for the spiritual seeker. I was assured that just the right people will be benefitted and no need to worry. I knew by how I felt in my heart, it was valuable and truthful. I knew that this basic teaching would help those seekers who are needing to build a strong foundation for their journey. It won't attract everyone, of course, but just the right ones.

Hypnosis and Self-Love

I use the powerful modality of hypnosis as a tool for helping people to connect with their inner selves; to forgive, heal, and transform into self-loving beings, and creating a strong foundation for spiritual growth to occur. By tapping into the subconscious mind, the client can see and understand, more clearly, the meanings of these concepts because they are not filtered by the egoic mind. Sometimes, they can see far beyond the shell of their physical bodies into much more than the physical reality.

All of the healing belongs to the client, because, we are responsible for ourselves. The facilitator is only a guide and the free-will of the person cannot be interfered with. When a client gets a glimpse of what self-love really is, their transformation into higher conscious understanding grows exponentially. These benefits can only happen in the intention of light and love.

Much love and light,


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