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How It All Began


I experienced an awakening of consciousness; a spontaneous shift in perception while reading "Friendship with God" by Neale Donald Walsch. That powerful experience erased my former beliefs allowing me to see, without fear, from a new perspective. It opened my eyes to a new view of the world and what it means to live as part of the whole human family. Later, in 2017 the book, Love Yourself Lightly: A Wisdom Guide to Self-Love came to me through a higher source of wisdom. 

I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Early in my childhood, I went to twelve schools while my parents traveled all over the United States for work. From the age of two, my family was indoctrinated into a cult-like church, based in southern California, that focused on a pending apocalypse, led by a self-professed prophet. Even though the church had been an international phenomenon at the time, corruption eventually caused it to implode and splinter into many separate factions. 


In my thirties, I began to seek emotional and spiritual freedom from the dark and fear-based control of the church. Eager for a more palpable relationship with God, I experimented by joining several different denominations without success. The rules and control of the religious institutions did not resonate with me. I felt much freer without it.


I asked, in meditation, for a connection and communication, with Spirit, that I could understand clearly. A few weeks later, I awakened to a "bulletin" clearly spelled out in my mind's eye with the name of a spirit guide. Soon, with constant practice, a clear connection was established and the teachings began. Personal healing, family relationships, deceased loved ones, and the spirit world were all topics of discussion with my guide. I discovered that the teaching of self-love is of greatest importance in my evolution of consciousness. Spirit has, repeatedly, encouraged the practice of quieting the mind. It is possible to understand what self-love is, only when the mind is quiet. Self-Love is knowing that we are connected to the source of all creation and are the manifestations of creation as well as co-creators. This knowing makes navigating the challenges of life much clearer to understand. It is about taking full responsibility for life while surrendering to a balance between the body, mind, and spirit.

I learned that all of the experiences and skills we develop throughout our lifetimes help us to become who we need to be when we decide to be of service. When I made a decision to be in service, all sorts of synchronicities began to occur. The means by which I could receive the training I desired became available. The people who seek my help find me and life gets supplemented with all that is needed when it is needed.

We live in our bodies in order to have creative experiences. Our bodies are the tool by which we create and through which Source (The Creator) experiences. Each of us is a beacon of light and it is our mission to shine our light brightly by using our talents and gifts. But, this is also a school where through our challenges we grow, and without them, we know nothing of joy. Each one of us is a "ray" of light, who when we shine brightly, using our love, illuminates the world and even the Universe.


As a teacher and coach, I share my perspective of truth by helping others to shine and expand their light. My expertise is in helping people to discover the peace and gentle power within so that they can take action in the direction of their passions or learn when to be still with an inward reflection to solve problems by discovering who they are here to be.


I follow my internal guidance and I utilize the tools of my energetic training in hypnosis, mediumship, and intuitive studies. Occasionally, the tools of my physical training in exercise science, nutrition, and endocrinology come in handy when a holistic life approach is needed. 


What I enjoy most is helping people to be happy; to feel the exhilaration of life and to reach out in service to others.  

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