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How to Love Your Life

"You must love your life!" My Spirit Guides made this clear to me while writing my book, Love Yourself Lightly. They insisted that each of us here on earth are "pieces" of the light of the Creator. Each of us has a mission to fulfill and each has chosen to be here to experience the ability to manifest as a creator. It is not possible to truly love life without the understanding of the relationship between the light and dark.

Let's face it. The events of our lives can be challenging. You wouldn't be alone in your desire to exit this world to escape the suffering. When times have gotten rough, I have imagined the relief that might come from ending it all. My grandfather and his father both ended their own lives. The suffering can feel very real. The hold that darkness lays over our hearts squeezes so tightly that it feels like you can't breathe. But that is the illusion. We chose to come experience is dimension for the learning and expansion it provides, knowing it would be a challenge; and knowing that we would forget the truth of the illusion of time and space.

Darkness is just the absence of light. We are made of pure light. But, from the darkness, we, as souls emerged. Without the polarities, life in the physical universe wouldn't exist. So, without darkness, light wouldn't exist.

The error in our thinking is that of defining good or bad, right or wrong. We have been taught to fear the dark because it's harder to see in the dark as we are limited in our senses as human beings. So, darkness became "evil" because it scared us and light became "good" because we were comforted and could see. The darkness is not bad and the light is not good. It is what it is.

So, how can we love our lives if we are burdened with darkness or discomfort? We can dissolve fear by knowing that the darkness is the sister of light; that we can count on the sun rising and eliminating night. There is a balance between heaven and earth where the soul lives. There is where love resides. That balance is in the home of the soul--the intersection of heaven and earth. This love is not a worldly love but a cosmic love that is knowing where we come from and who we are. We can love our life if we don't fear the darkness, but sit quietly in the balance of all things. Creating balance in life is the secret to transcending this world and experiencing peace. It comes through the appreciation and acceptance of all there is.

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