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Now Is the Time

Now is the time to go deep. On the surface, we can get battered by the storm. But if we dive below the surface, we can relax and enjoy the peace of calmer waters. Spirit told me while writing my book, Love Yourself Lightly, that the answer to any question comes from quieting the mind. In the space of a quiet mind comes wisdom. This space is below the surface of all activity and conceptual thinking.

It is pleasurable to quiet the mind because it brings joy and peace because of the soothing calm and connection to our Source. You see, each one of us is equally connected to our Source. Our souls are never disconnected, but our attention and focus are sometimes distracted by our mental concepts as well as our belief systems. We forget that we are each of us has the power to change our reality just by diving deeper.

The events of life on the surface of society are devoid of wisdom. As you can see, it is chaotic, formless, and without creativity; missing the love element. When we go deep below the surface, inside of us, we can see from a different angle that illuminates truth. We cannot influence the surface from the surface.

You know by how you feel in your gut whether you are living on the surface or from wisdom. Do you criticize and judge others? Do you gossip to make yourself look right? Do you think you are right and they are wrong? Is your sense of peace and wellbeing determinant upon validation from others? Do you hope others fail? I think we can all admit to being in this state of mind from time to time. But, we can change.

We can use our inner-power by quieting our minds. When each individual makes any slight shift of intention toward love, the whole world changes; our perceptions change, and reality changes incrementally and automatically.

We don't really have to think about how to fix what's wrong on the surface. When we go below, and deep, our wisdom and love will alter what is happening on the surface. Quieting the mind can happen when one becomes very present at any moment. Anything can be meditation; walking in nature; playing sports; dancing; artwork; playing games; cooking, etc. Whatever brings joy, fun and relaxation will quiet the mind. Another great method for quieting the mind is to be kind to others with who you dislike or disagree. Allow yourself to dive below the surface to see them from another angle. Or, imagine them as children. When we dive deep, we can experience being equal with all others. The illusion of separateness disappears.

Let us consider our intentions behind all we do and create. Are we functioning with the intention to love? If we feel that sense of "us" and "them" then we haven't gone quite deep enough and we are living the great illusion of this world and have forgotten our divinity. Diving deep below the surface will help us remember our true freedom, removing us from all limitations.

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