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Your thoughts Determine your Freedom

You might have heard the saying, "What you think about you bring about." I agree with that statement and I am relieved that there is a delay in the manifestation of our thoughts! It's easy to see how our thoughts immediately affect our emotions and even our physical bodies. Those emotions are the early indicators of how beneficial our thoughts are to us. Do you remember how your taste glands respond to thoughts of tasting lemon juice, or what it feels like to imagine a loved one getting in an accident? How do you feel when you imagine your country's government abusing power? There is an infinite number of issues your mind can conjure up that can create fear or anger within you. All of it can affect your body and all of your thoughts will create your future reality. The most important question is, how do we change our thoughts to change our reality and improve our life? While channeling for my new book in progress, I asked my Spirit Guides the following questions:

Me: What does it mean to trust yourself fully?

Guides: In all areas of your experience, freedom is possible. Trusting yourself is the process of recognizing the freedom available to you. Fear is the common denominator of bondage.

Me: How can we release ourselves from bondage?

Guides: You must be willing to leave or set aside what you have always known to be the "truth". Open your mind to a new truth that sets you free from the need to follow rules or seek justification to remain where you are. Your intention to free yourself is the spark you need that burns the old volumes of dogma. With your new intention, watch those rules placed upon you by your society burn as your freedom rises out of the ashes.

You don't need to pray or beg for the world as you know it, to be different. A new and different world will rise from the ashes of your surrendered beliefs. As you change your reality, so will your view of the world.

There are many dimensions in the world of form. There is a dense version of right and wrong, good and evil, and love and fear. Your focus and attention determine what you experience. For example, you may hear that there is a war happening in another country but there is no sign of it where you are. Do the "rules" of society tell you to engage in the trauma of that war whether you are present or not? Would your mental engagement raise your frequency or lower it? Ask yourself what would be most beneficial to your health and to the health of the world. You get to decide which dimension to have your experience through your focus and attention.

The meaning of your life is all about discovering the truth of who you are and following through with that discovery. There are no rules which you must follow. That is the essence of freedom. Your focus determines your freedom...not your physical location. You can be truly free anywhere. It is a state of mind.

If you feel bound by rules, consider erasing those rules and starting over with a clean slate. Whatever is keeping you from your highest potential is now up for review. Consider the possibility of reducing the beliefs of your past to rubble by using your emotional guidance system because what is happening out there in the world doesn't have to be your reality.

Have a wonderful day.

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