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Accept the Change

My life story is changing and shifting. Pets and people I know have died. The weather is drier and hotter now more than ever before. How we do school and work is different. The way we grocery shop has multiplied in complexity. The rules of government have changed. What was unlawful is now acceptable. Friends are now foes. Travel used to be easy. The world was familiar.

All that was familiar to me has transformed into something else. It's as if we are in schoolroom Earth and now we are taking our exams. Did we learn the lessons? If we did, then another chapter awaits. If we didn't, the lesson must be experienced again until it has.

I grieve the comfort of old. Although I wish to grow and learn, the discomfort of loss and change has me suspended in mid-step. I can't quite move forward or backward or touch the ground. But Spirit assures me that my attention to this moment, where I hang in emotional suspension, will lead me to where I am going once I surrender, fully.

The solid ground of comfort can be discovered in the present moment of pure awareness. It is where home is. The home where our family resides is our refuge. The spiritual family of divine peace within our heart holds our hand when we show love and compassion to ourselves and others. This warmth is available to all who open their hearts and even to those who don't. None are excluded.

When life feels challenging, a lesson is being learned and a new one constructed. Surrender to the moment at hand. Be kind. Trust that Source is paving a path for you and me. Nothing else matters.

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