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Embrace your Difficulties

Pain comes in many forms. From physical to emotional, it seems to be a natural part of the human experience, and yet people fear it, suppress it, and literally run from it. In fact, billion-dollar industries are dedicated to numbing people from pain in the form of pharmaceuticals and entertainment. I am not implying that those industries are wrong or shouldn't exist, but it is a great indicator that the desire to detach from the reality of your life is a high priority. Quite possibly, the existence of all that is undesirable is a necessary lesson.

My personal experience with pain, emotional or physical, is that when it first arises, I resist it. I notice that the more I resist, the more intense it becomes. But, after some time, I am able to accept that I feel this way or that way. When I acknowledge it, a turning point comes where the intensity subsides and even inspiration comes to me as to how or what I can do to improve how I feel. I begin to focus my attention on feeling better. I intentionally uplift myself and that is the beginning of surrender. That surrender is like saying to yourself that it is okay to die. I am willing for this to be my end and I no longer struggle. "I don't mind what happens now" is true surrender.

There is much drama in the world behind what should or shouldn't exist and yet, we, as humans, came here to experience all there is to experience based on our soul's desire to grow and expand in consciousness. We came here to learn how to respond to our challenges because, without challenges, there is no lesson or growth. We say there shouldn't be war, hunger, climate change, greed, divorce, illness, death, and the like. But, in the presence of these challenges arises great love, compassion, and creativity in those who step forward to assist in easing the suffering. These challenges often show us the art of surrender, which in the absence of internal resistance, dissolves pain. Surrender is to embrace the difficulty as it has presented itself to you and know a great lesson is at hand.

A portal of equilibrium opens when people give and receive during crises. Our natural love within blooms out of our hearts as we ease the suffering of others and allow the others to ease our suffering. It is not about healing others, it is about love which is the catalyst that allows healing to take place. With the presence of love, all is healed. In my book, Love Yourself Lightly, Spirit suggests that we have the intention to love people before we meet them.

What do I mean by "all is healed"? In the presence of love, your inner world releases the poisons it has been holding on to; the resentments, judgments, limiting beliefs, and old stories. The more you allow yourself to love and be loved, the more you will release all that is holding you back from your divine power. When you cleanse your inner world, your outer world will appear anew. Your perception of reality will change regardless of the outer circumstances. This is the magic of life. When you change, the world changes.

You see, the outer environment was created to give us experiences so that our souls can grow. Love is infinitely expanding through each soul. This is why there is such a variety of uniqueness in each being. So, if you wish to have a different experience, it would be best to clear and clean up your inner world...your "home." Pay attention to where your focus is. If you want to contribute to improving the world in some way, clean your inner home by locating the love inside you. Recognize who you are and your divine connection to Source. Be open to seeing yourself as a creator without the rules of your parents, church, or government instructing you otherwise or imposing their fears upon you. Be willing to see through new "inner" eyes as you re-direct your journey. When you have challenges, embrace them as gifts. Know that you are growing and becoming brighter. In the sadness and grief of death, find comfort in the completion of the lessons in that chapter where there is no more pain and only love.

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