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Speaking with the Angels

Months before beginning to write the book, Love Yourself Lightly, I had been dictating messages into journals from the spirit realm. I call them Angels and Guides. It was a long and tedious process of retrieving information and, in a way, translating it into what was understandable for me in my learning process. These messages were originally for my personal learning but were soon to become important for all who are receptive to them. I say that the lessons were originally meant for me because I was told by my angel-teachers that I had much to learn, and the process was a tedious one because I was a novice in communicating this way. It was as if I was learning another language.

The details are available to read in the book but briefly, I began to receive messages as I learned to dowse with a pendulum. The communication began with yes and no questions and answers, which, over many weeks of practice became telepathic translations. You see, I began to have more complex questions that needed explanation. Quickly, after asking the questions, I would notice the spelling of a word begin to form while using the tool of the pendulum and dowsing chart, and I would soon feel the energy flow through my body, as I "heard" the mental response. The messages came more rapidly and naturally as I would just know what the words were as they became sentences and paragraphs and teachings.

I never sought out to do channeling, but I soon realized this is exactly what it was. Although I had already experienced a couple of spiritual awakening events earlier in my life that changed me, I wouldn't have considered myself a good candidate for channeling because I grew up with some religious resistance to the idea of spirit communications. What I have come to understand, is that all people channel; especially creative people. All people are accompanied by spirit beings who guide and watch over our lives. Sometimes, we receive assistance through our inspirations, particularly if we ask for help. I asked for guidance and sought a way to receive answers that I could see with my five senses. The pendulum was just a tool to help me get started. Practice with the pendulum was training in trusting the messages I was "hearing". It became automatic writing when the messages flowed so quickly, with the old method, that I couldn't keep up.

Often, I questioned the validity of the answers I received. Is this really a wise spirit talking to me? Are these messages truth of divine knowledge? Am I making this up? I had moments of skepticism that were replaced with divine comfort. The teachings I was receiving were not anything I would have articulated from my rational mind. Although I wouldn't have come up with the concepts, I knew, from deep within myself, the truth of the message is based on love. This kind of love is the unconditional respect you know is evident in the truth of your existence. You are here, experiencing this life as validation that you are on an important mission of discovery. The discovery is experiential.

We only discover and learn through experience. In this world, we learn about the contrasts of light and darkness. As I learned to trust my sources of wisdom, the Angels, I was given the opportunity for discernment. I came to a point where I trusted and believed everything I was being told. I had become mentally lazy. Some of the teachings had begun to seem sensationalized and the messages became increasingly negative as I became fearful. In one particular session that continued for about a week, I was told that my husband would have an accident at work, accidentally injure someone, and lose his job. Every day, I waited to hear from him about the terrible news. Eventually, I asked him about work and he said it was fine. Nothing happened. Angry with myself for falling for the bait, I learned an important lesson in the discernment of the state of my inner guidance. As I became fearful, I could have recognized the fear as a red-flag-warning of mistruth. Our feelings are a barometer of truth. Initially, I felt angry that I had been set-up to be fearful, but I learned that I created and attracted it by disregarding my own power and inner guidance; by thinking that the answers were originating from that which is greater than me.

I learned from the Angels that we are equal to all others. We are aspects of The Creator. When I think of myself or anyone as truly equal,

because we are spirit, it is easy not to see race or nationality or difference of any kind. The lines of our world are blurred while our mission is clear. In upcoming writings, I will share some important messages from the Angels that didn't make it into the book, Love Yourself Lightly.

Blessings to all.

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