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Loving Yourself is Healing Yourself

We are all healers of ourselves. In fact, we are really the only one's who have the power to instigate transformation, spiritually or physically. When we seek the advice of a practitioner of any healing modality, we are wishing to be guided to a level of energetic frequency that helps us to surrender to healing.

The key here is to understand that we are not giving our power away to an outside force. The practitioner is not the healer of you. You are the healer of you. We must accept responsibility for ourselves and what we attract and manifest as our reality. Therefore, a surrender of our expectations to what healing looks like, will invite the true essence of our powerful creative nature to work the magic.

As a practitioner of energy medicine and hypnosis therapy, I use my skills to create an atmosphere of healing. If the client is ready for it, she will respond by experiencing a multitude of emotions that can lead to forgiveness, self-love and sometimes transformation. If he is not quite ready for healing, he may still experience emotions while symptoms persist. That is okay! There can be many, many levels to healing. We must accept that we do not know what our Spirit has in store for us as we learn and grow from these experiences. It might be that physical illness remains evident but an inner awakening is taking place. Due to my limits of perspective, I try not to analyze or judge what is Spirits agenda in another.

I believe that our difficulties can be our greatest teacher. Maybe, our pain persists because we need to own our responsibility for it. The healing practitioner may be the perfect antidote to self-realization; helping the collaboration of the energy of healing to take place. It is giving and receiving, which is a perfect form of love. If no "healing" appears to occur, it is not a failure. Who are we to judge the outcome of another?

Working with people; setting the stage for whatever it is they need, is love. It is catalyst for alchemy that transforms our reality. Every interaction with a person is sacred because different realities or timelines are converging. Whether or not someone is healed is secondary to the intent behind the action. The intent is the energy that ripples like waves into the Universe and is written in the great Book of Life. The intent to share our love is what will be remembered inside and outside of time.

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