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Shine Your Light

Is your narrative preventing you from shining your light? Are you feeling fearful, skeptical, suspicious, or angry on a regular basis? Have you ever considered that the "rules" by which you govern your life may be detrimental to your health and preventing you from thriving? In this age of social media, it is easy to forget that we are sovereign beings. Even though our consciousness is interconnected, each of us is a unique spark of creation. I have a unique view of my world and you do too. Why then, do we so often follow each other around in judgment? We allow ourselves to pass judgments on others without keeping ourselves accountable. I am reminded how sheep will follow each other right off the cliff! The point I am getting at is that we need to question our internal narrative.

The light that shines through us is our connection to the divine Source, God, Creator. It doesn't matter what it's called unless we have created a narrative that says so. We know that we are shining our light when joy, compassion, or understanding are present; or when we cultivate our talents, passions, and services to others. It can be helpful to look around our world to see how many structures and beliefs we might be following that limit our ability to function freely as is intended. Do our religious boundaries confine us or cause us to judge others? Do our political beliefs cause us to blindly follow our leaders as if they are Gods? If we are worried about how others are behaving, we are not shining our light. We must turn and walk away without any more attention given.

We could stop looking at the news media, the leaders, celebrities, or religion to know what to believe and how to behave. We have been given an internal guidance system of our emotions and intellect. For our world to become light, we must look to the light, be the light. We must be our own leaders and take full responsibility for our own inner world and outer actions. We must resist the desire to follow each other off the cliff. With love and compassion for ourselves and others, the world is anew.

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