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What is Your Job Today?

As spiritual seekers, we often get tied-up in our thoughts and ideals that we must accomplish a "great" task that is seen by the world's eyes or interpreted as "important", forgetting that our job is to love ourselves first so that we can show compassion to others.

It sounds cliched' but we must go within. All our power and abilities to effect the world in a positive way come from our connection to our Source. It is a very personal responsibility. As you can see, there are many who do not tap into the true power and wisdom available to them, and therefore, do much harm.

Even if you do not understand how to love yourself, it's okay, because love is reciprocal. It works both ways. Your intention is what makes all the difference. Your intention to love others, by lending a hand or by showing compassion, will help you to learn how. Even your desire to change will begin turning the wheel of change.

Compassion does not have any beliefs attached to it. It is a very powerful when attached to action. It's energy ripples out into the Universe with great influence. If we wish to have influence on our leaders, we must begin with ourselves. Just as the seed begins to sprout below the soil, we must cultivate our highest intentions within ourselves.

So, how are you going to make today different and more valuable than any other day? Imagine today is your last day on Earth, then I think you know.

Much Love,


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