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Why You Must be Radical

When I wrote my book "Love Yourself Lightly", or rather, when I dictated the words from Spirit, I remember wondering if a whole book on self-love was a bit too nauseating for people to accept. I asked Spirit about this. After all, people like to hate themselves and be victims of their lives. Who really wants to love themselves? Spirit said that most people do not know how or why to love themselves. They have been trained to do what they are told based on fearful rhetoric. Being a victim keeps people from taking full responsibility for one's choices. It is much easier to follow than to lead.

When you love yourself, you know who you are. You recognize your connection to Divinity. This recognition opens you up to an immense power but also comes with immense responsibility. The power of the Divine Creator runs through all of life and is infinite in potential. Many generations of people have been taught that this power is only available to a select few...the chosen ones; heads of state; religious organizations, the ones with the money, etc. But, that is far from true. Those mental concepts are just that---concepts. True power comes from a deep knowledge of your connection to the Source of creation. This recognition opens a portal to infinite life choices which are your full responsibility to manage.

Loving yourself requires a radical focus of intention. In this dimension of physical reality, there are many forces to contend with. The lower forces that are closer to the side of darkness appeal to our comfort and apathy. They pull us along, promising safety and wealth through the illusion of materialism. They require us to follow along by mandating rules and guidelines and then implementing fear as punishment. The reason this method of control works is because it is easier to follow than to lead. Loving yourself is leading yourself.

Of course, there is the contrast between dark and light. The pendulum swings both ways. We will experience all of it as lessons and hopefully raise our level of awareness from these lessons. But as managers of our lives, what do we wish to experience more of? If our emotions are our barometer of consciousness, what feels better? To be a leader or a follower? Consider all that you follow as a vortex of manipulation. Does it take you to the dark side? Does the group or person you follow influence you to dislike another person or group of people? Do your judgments cause you to criticize yourself or others?

There are many ways to practice self-love. Spirit gifted me with many variations of it in my book. When you love yourself, though, you become immune to fear and darkness. You become a responsible leader where compassion and empathy lead the way. A new portal of awareness takes you to another dimension of reality where a new set of possibilities exist, all without changing anything in your perceived environment. Radical Self-Love takes you to other dimensions. Refrain from going against anything. It doesn't work. Go for Self-Love.

Many blessings to you all.

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